The Moo Moo funds for frames Campaign

The Minnesota Justice Coalition is sponsoring frames for students who have recently completed their 4-year degree.

While out in the community at an event, I started talking with a young woman who had recently received a 4-year degree from a local University. We discussed what her career plans were going forward and what she wanted to do having finished school. I asked her where she was going to hang her diploma? She informed me that with all of her student loan debt she was going to leave the diploma in her closet until she could afford a frame to hang it up in her house.

Graduating college is a big deal for a young person. Diploma frames are a perfect way to showcase their hard work and pride from graduating college. The Minnesota Justice Coalition decided to assist in helping support this cause and achievement.

Oftentimes students do not have the resources to display their accomplishments. We would like to reward a student that has made that sacrifice and complete their higher education. A frame might not seem like much, but the amount of time a person puts into obtaining their degree is a big accomplishment and should be displayed with pride. The program is for graduating undergraduate college students and is based on need and funding availability. Join us in sponsoring a student.

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