Minnesota Justice Coalition

We provide services through the utilization of the legal profession to the community that advances social Justice, racial equity, legislative reforms, and healing through the justice system.


We draft legislation that directly impacts the community, and the people within it.


We provide non-litigatory services for affected family members around issues of social justice.

Legal Clinic

We help rehabilitated community members expunge and seal their criminal records

Fund For Frames

We are sponsoring frames for students who have recently completed their 4-year degree.

Fighting For Social Justice

Student Empowerment Community Forum

Social Justice In Schools

Dozens of community members—students, parents, and activists—gathered outside Prior Lake High School..., denouncing the racist environment at the school while also rallying behind a Black student targeted by a racist video shared on social media.

Johnathon McClellan with the Minnesota Justice Coalition said: “George Floyd was murdered only 22 miles from this high school. This is happening in your backyard and in your kids’ schools, putting your children at risk.”

McClellan called Prior Lake High administrators out, saying the “lack of action creates a hostile learning environment for students of color. The school has an obligation to protect its vulnerable student population, not dismiss their complaints or tell them they have to learn to deal with it. This is unacceptable.”

Minnesota Justice Coalition

Providing healing through Justice.

900 E American Blvd, Suite 102-F,
Bloomington MN 55420, United States
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